Goulds 3796

Goulds Model 3796 i-FRAME process pump line is specifically designed to provide superior performance for self-priming services of the Chemical Process Industries.

Goulds Trash Hog

Goulds Trash Hog® is designed for superior solids handling capability, optimum pump performance and extreme ease of maintenance for a wide range of industrial, pulp and paper, mining and municipal wastewater services. Whether handling raw sewage, sludge, debris or plant wastes, there's no other pump that compares to the Trash Hog®. 

Envirogear E Series Gear

Envirogear E Series sealless metallic internal gear pumps, DI, Carbon steel, 316SS


Full line of metallic and non metallic diaphragm pumps

Blackmer SMVP Series

Blackmer SMVP Series sealless sliding vane pump flows from 4 to 300 GPM, pressures to 200 PSI, Materials 316SS Jesco AIRTRAN Air operated diaphragm transfer pumps, Full line of metallic and not metallic pump

Nikkiso DN Series

Nikkiso DN Series self priming canned motor pump, Sealless design, Flows to 790 GPM, Heads to 230ft, temperatures to 330F

Goulds SP 3298

Ideal for Moderate to Severe Corrosives.  The SP 3298 can handle the tough chemical services. As a sealless design, it's an effective alternative to pumps with mechanical seal problems

Bornemann Twin Screw

Bornemann Twin-Screw Pumps are self-priming, double ended positive displacement pumps with external timing gears and bearings. Manufactured in over 80 sizes, their design provides complete axial balancing of the rotating elements and eliminates all metal-to-metal contact within the pump