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Services provided are handled “in house” allowing us to offer industries quickest responses.


  • PPE has the ability to manufacture a variety of parts to meet the needs of our customers. We are experienced in cutting all types of metals and plastics. Let us help you! We are on call 24 hours a day.

  • Our design capabilities allow us to manufacture a wide variety of jobs. In addition to our design capabilities, we strive to offer recommendations to improve reliability where chronic failures are known to exist. These improvements can be as simple as material upgrades to more detailed studies of the particular items.

  • We service the equipment we sell, from pump installs to complete rebuilds.

  • Over a million dollars of inventory to support the growth of our business.

  • PPE offers powerend programs for ANSI pumps.  The programs are flexible and tailored to your customers needs.  Let us show you how we can save you money, ensure quality repairs, and reduce onsite parts inventories.

  • PPE is an authorized repair center for Nikkiso and Sundyne canned motor pumps. 

  • PPE is an authorized repair center for a number of pump manufacturers and technologies.

  • We have the engineering and fabrication expertise to apply, design and package complete, skid-mounted or modular systems – from simple pump & motor base assemblies, to sophisticated systems that incorporate PLC controls, piping, tanks and process control.

  • In order to ensure quality repairs, prove pump specification compliance and help customers troubleshoot their pumps, PPE has installed a modern pump testing system.

  • PPE has been repairing mechanical seals for over 10 years.