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Pump Performance Testing

In order to ensure quality repairs, prove pump specification compliance and help customers troubleshoot their pumps, PPE has installed a modern pump testing system.

All quality repairs deserve a run test.  In addition to hydrostatic testing, we performance test critical repairs and all canned motor pump repairs.  Our test stand is a modern test platform with the following abilities:

Capabilities are as follows:

  • Flows up to 3500 GPM
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 680 PSIG
  • Performance testing
  • Duty point verification
  • NPSHr testing
  • Heat rise testing
  • Pump curve generation

System equipment includes:

  • Yokogawa Mag Meters, 1.5″ and 6″
  • Yokogawa Pressure transmitters on both suction and discharge
  • Thermocouples on both suction and discharge of pump
  • 1800 gallon suction vessel – 5/8″ wall 316ss, rated Full vacuum to 300 psig
  • Piping is all 304ss with 300# flanges – Discharge rated to 750 psig
  • VFD’s: 40HP 208V/3ph, 75HP 460V/3ph, 150 HP 460V/3ph (Pump Smart by ITT)
  • Maximum direct start HP is 200HP.  Larger HP by generator rental.
  • Yokogawa 12 PT Data Aquistion Recorder

Data Recorder 


Pump Testing