In order to facilitate the quick delivery of complete pump skids, PPE designs, manufactures, and stocks our own exclusive 304SS OSHA compliant coupling guards.  Our guards are versatile to cover a wide range of applications, but PPE will design and fabricate custom machinery guarding per your equipment needs.  Our standard is 304SS but other materials are available upon request.  If an application calls for a non-metallic coupling guard, PPE offers UniGuard Machine Guards.  PPE offers field surveys to provide recommendations and quotations for small or large quantities of coupling guards to bring your entire plant up to OSHA and/or your desired specifications.

Guard-Barrel Type (Metal)

Coupling guard, barrel type, powder coated 304SS, carbon steel, 304SS or Aluminum, Bolts directly to many common pump models including (but not limited to): Goulds, Durco, Summit, Peerless and Griswold.

Guard-Barrel Type (Non-Metalic)

Uniguard, ANSI Pump Guards – ANSI/OSHA Compliant – Nonmetallic guards will not dent or rust. Cantilevered guard bolts direct to rear of the pump and eliminates drilling base plates to mount guards. ANSI Pump Guards install in just a couple of minutes and can be removed and remounted in about two minutes. All Uniguard Machine Guards are UV Protected for outdoor use.

Guard-Box Type (Metal)

Coupling guard, Box type, Economically priced, Powder coated 304SS

Guard-Box Type (Non-Metalic)

Uniguard, CLGU Machine Guards – features a clear polycarbonate inspection window at the top and is easily removable. These machine guards makes strobescope inspection and coupling lubrication quick and simple.


Custom Guards, Any size or shape for any situation, Fabricated form 304SS or carbon steel, Powder coated safety orange.

Guard-Stuffing Box

Uniguard UniClear Guards were specifically developed to ensure employee safety as well as to comply with government regulations that stipulate all rotating machinery must be guarded. They are designed for easy installation, visual inspections, and economically priced. Uniguard UniClear Guards are corrosion resistant made with polycarbonate (shield), high density polyethylene (frame) and stainless steel fasteners.