There are many options when it comes to pump baseplates.  PPE can help you select what type is best for your application and build or supply it for you.  PPE offers a wide variety of baseplate designs to fit ANSI, Non-ANSI, API, and PIP R2 standards.  Common materials offered are carbon steel, 304SS, 316SS, Alloy 20, and Zanite composite.  Our pricing and deliveries are extremely competitive.  In addition, non-PIP baseplates can be engineered to handle pump allowable flange loading per the application.

Baseplate Fabricated Steel

Fabricated steel baseplates constructed from 304SS, 316SS & carbons steel for all types of rotating equipment

Baseplate Cast Iron

Cast Iron baseplates, Group I, II & III ANSI sizes available, Low cost alternative

Baseplate Enhanced Feature Fabricated Steel

Fabricated steel baseplates with Enhanced featrues, Drip rim, Stilts, Machined pump and motor risers, Motor adjusters, Internal bracing, 304SS, 316SS and carbon steel

Baseplate PIP

Fabricated steel baseplates to PIP R2 specification

Baseplate Non Metallic Composite

Basetek Polymer Concrete Baseplates, Close coupled & long coupled bases available, 0.002"/ft surface flatness, Integraged drip pan